21 Jul 2019

OneASICS Rewards

This summer we invite runners of all abilities to unite in one of the world's most inclusive and diverse cities to celebrate the things that bring us together. When you run the ASICS London 10k you're running united, and together we can achieve anything. 

ASICS London 10K takes place on 21st July 2019. Race entries are now sold out.

Live bands, DJs and cheering fans will motivate you all along the 10K route, with post-race festivities in central London. Scroll down for tickets!

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Run United

Get Ready

When we run together, amazing things happen. We unite in a common aim, we spur each other on, the stuff that divides us falls away and we keep on going. We believe in the power of running. The sheer body-boosting, mind-clearing, life-enhancing joy of it. 

For us, it is never just about the next finish line, the personal best, the bragging rights. We're in this for the long run. It goes right back to our founding ethos of sound body, sound mind. It is why we dedicate ourselves to empowering every runner to go further, go faster, go beyond.

Run United

The Route

Join the thousands of runners winding their way through Central London together. As well as seeing some of London's top landmarks, you'll also run past the True Geographical Centre of London, down closed Regent Street, the Strand and Embankment, and get the best view across the river of the London Eye. 

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